I’m renaming the company because, after 10+ years of working publicly and privately on the project, I’ve come to realize stationery and mail are the driving forces.

I’m back on my feet after the traffic accident of 2019 and am looking at what comes next with hope and joy.

The stories, themes, and artwork will remain in the same style. A utopian setting full of monsters and ghosts and witches and mermaids.

Current product line-up: Faux postage, stickers, shirts, mugs, zines, art prints, The Peyroux Dispatch, downloadable stationery and invite suites


Occasional emails about the status of the re-launch. Catching up with sketches and doodles and stories. Your information is kept securely in Mail Chimp and will kept completely private.

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Ghosts. Monsters. Mail. Gossip.

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